Custom Rods

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I used G Loomis before I started building my own rods and I'll never go back. There are some great standard rods out there, but they do not take the time and care to do some of the more basic things that you need to do when assembling it. Mud Hole offers different manufacturers, so if you have one that you prefer you could check out their site.
The length and action decide the main purpose of your rod. I typically use MHX blanks as I find their quality closest to what I used in the past. Blanks vary in color but typically you are more limited in this cateogry.
The type of guides you get depend on if you want a spinning or a casting rod. They also can vary a lot in size, color, and style.
Handle is all preference. These also vary in color and style.
Guide Wraps
This is where people tend to get the most creative. These come in all sorts of colors and combinations and I can do any that you prefer.